QuiAri Shake

QuiAri Shake

Love At First Taste

Looking for the most delicious way to help satisfy your hunger? QuiAri Shake provides the nutrition you need without sacrificing the sensational taste you crave. It has a synergistic blend of antioxidants, superfoods, protein, probiotics, fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals — and contains no artificial colors or preservatives. QuiAri Shake stars the new number 1 superfruit, maqui, and our supercharged organic extract, MaquiX™, that boosts the power of maqui.

Why You'll Love QuiAri Shake

  • A taste you’ll love and no gritty texture
  • Powered by our exclusive super-concentrated organic maqui extract, MaquiX™
  • Gluten free and no added sugars
  • 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Only 120 calories per serving
  • Provides essential greens with our exclusive Greens Blend
  • 16 grams of long-lasting protein

For best results, use in combination with QuiAri Energy

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